So yesterday we went into the studio, recorded 4 songs, and came home with a final copy for everyone. Not bad for a days work. It is 100% Free. Spread it around, give it to your friends, post it on your site or music blog, do whatever you like, we just want people to check it out.
Here is a link to a zip folder with the 4 songs, a cover image for your media player, and lyrics and such.
Its free…did I say that? Check it out.

This was that neat thing I didn’t want to talk about until it was ready. We have terrible luck (for example, I got strep throat the day before we recorded this, haha), and I didn’t want to jinx it. Anyways, we hope you like it, let us know.
This was recorded by a very sexy man known as Matt “Buckwheat” Buckley. If you give him a day, he’ll make your band sound like you know what you’re doing, haha. Check out his studio myspace here:

I’ve added the songs to our myspace page, our, and our reverb nation page. I’ll probably be posting them in some other spots as well. You can download the songs individually on those sites, too (except for myspace I guess since they seem to have disabled the download feature?!). All the lyrics are available in the download file, on myspace, or on this site. Learn them and take the mic next time you see us.

– Scotch.


2 Responses to “FREE: BRAND NEW 4 SONG EP!”

  1. i like it dude!

    the mathematical complexity increases…haha a couple of the riffs made me smile real big thinking how much fun trevor had making up his part


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